Unfortunately I am sad to announce that most of the band members schedules have become too busy with college, working, ect to really give Paul By The Water the time necessary to be a band so as of now, well as of awhile ago, we are kind of on a hiatus.. possibly done for good but more than likely will come back stronger some time in the future, could be near could be far. THANK YOU ALL who made us feel like people actually appreciated our music and could connect with us! For real that has been the hi-light of this trip so far, the people we have met! Love you all and hopefully will talk to you guys soon with some better news!


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    Paul By The Water

Hey everyone, it would mean the world to us if you could give our newest song a listen and take 2 seconds to reblog and share it with all of your own followers! We are excited about our new sound and what is coming up next for us as a band so the more people we can reach with our newest music because of you guys is all the more important and truly appreciated, not just words we’ve typed out but something we honestly feel when you go out of your way to listen, share, and spread our music!

Thank you all again so much, we really do love you guys!

So things have been slow for us since we got back from touring but there are some possible announcements on the way soon!

In the mean time it would mean the absolute world to us if just one of you happened to give us a like on Facebook and follow us on Twitter so you can be the first to hear important news (and possibly less important unfunny jokes via Twitter but hey just know we are trying) and as always we love you all even if you don’t realize how sincere we are when we say it!



Here is a video from the tour of us doing an acoustic jam sesh of Stay Young Go Dancing by Death Cab For Cutie on the rocky beaches of Kenosha, Wisconsin.

This is from while we were hanging out with our good friends from Saga City during the day before our show that night! Definitely take a second and check out their music cuz they are awesome dudes who make awesome music!

Listen to Saga City here: https://www.facebook.com/sagacityband

almost-ghost asked:

Your new song makes me very happy. Good luck to you all.

Thank you so much, that means a lot, for real, because when we first posted the new song it seemed like nobody really even showed much attention to it so we were a little nervous about the sound change we decided to go with but this whole upcoming album is a mixture of happy/ sexual/ loving songs that will be sure to have your foot tapping and cheeks smiling!


Anonymous asked:

Are you tall?

Hmm haven’t really answered questions in awhile so it feels good to see some loving in here but I have to think about this question… I suppose I am tall… a tall cup of water that is cuz you must be thirsty!!!!! WOHOWHWHWO hahaha no I’m sorry, like I said it’s been awhile since I’ve answered questions so I’d say we are about average height, then one below average and one of us is above average so there you have it!

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    Paul By The Water

Hey guys, please help us out by giving our new song a listen and sharing our music with all your friends and followers!

We have an offer that if this gets over 100 reblogs we will be releasing our new music video for Complementary and possibly some sneak peaks at other songs off the upcoming album!

It would mean the absolute world to us if you could simply take just one second out of your day to hit the reblog button and help spread our music and love to all of your lovely followers and then encourage them to do the same!

After going out on our short summer mini tour we have realized that this is no longer just a dream of ours but a goal of ours. The difference is that a goal is more realistic and by reblogging this and sharing it with all of your friends and followers it is helping our dream become a goal and that goal is one step closer to become a reality! We love you all and we know you have always been there for us when we’ve asked! Words cannot describe how grateful we are for the love shown to us and we cannot thank you enough!

We love you all!


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